Opencart guide done with version 1.5 –
Quick guide for the use and administration of the platform OpenCart
To log into the administrative part of the store is necessary to enter the name of your online store and then add “/ admin”.
Example –


Screen will appear login administration to your online store. From here you should enter your username and password and press Enter.
1. Catalog -> Categories:
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The categories are a way of podreba and organization of your products in the store. To add / change category must press the menu above – Catalog -> Categories. This will take you to the next screen which is the choice of all available categories and subcategories.
When you choose to add or change category will open another screen with 3 sections – Information, Data and Design.
– Category name – set name
– Description (meta) – used by search engines such as google. To describe the page content.
– Keywords – used by search engines
– Description – description of category


– Main category – if done subcategory is set to decline any major category. The field is filled in automatically when you start writing the main category. Do not apply if nothing major category.
– Shops – sets for which store used if used multimagazinnata function and have more than one online store.
– Seo keyword – set to the URL of the category for a better optimization. It must be unique for each category and does not repeat throughout the store.
– Image – image category can upload a file and choose.
– Show on top – shows the top menu – only works for ordinary templates
– Columns – the number of columns for the lower three categories. It works only for major categories.
– Red – arrangement of categories one after another.
– Status – whether the category is active and visible on the site.
Choosing a design for the respective category can be selected from active Designs online store. There is no need to change unless you want to have a different view of the relevant category.
After you finish editing / adding a category to press the button at the top right – “Save”
2. Product -> Products
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To add a product simply click the “Add”
Then a screen appears with several sections – Information Data Links Parameter Options Profiles and more.
– Product Name – sets the name of the product, if more than one language for each language separately.
– Description (meta) – description for search engines
– Keywords – grade. Words for search engines
– Description – basic description of the product
– Product Tags – short phrases that you can group your additional products

– Model – a unique product model
– SKU – “Stock Keeping Unit”, or barcode number of the product
– Price – the main price of the product
– Seo keyword – URL address of the product must be unique for the entire store both categories.
– Image – add the main image of the product
– Status – an option whether to display the store.


– Manufacturer – set to the manufacturer, will be automatically filled at the start of writing.
– Category – to which category or subcategory drop the product.
– Related products – automatically filled in writing – usually in product appearing on the site related products.


– Ability to add preset options such as size, quantity, number, weight, color, etc. In that options manually bring opportunities – eg size – XL, L, M and others.
– Option name – Start typing the name of the item you want to appear on the product
– Required: If you choose to customers will be forced mandatory to choose preset options when buying a product
– Cost of option – choose options to set option
– Quantity – must introduce Qty for setpoint otherwise can not be selected and will not appear on the product
– Remove from nalichnosta – set whether to pull value buying
– Price – If you want the price to increase or decrease to the set option you can choose accordingly + in an increase or – to decrease and specify a value in the box on the right (to increase the base price 15.00lv need to set “+” and value 15.0000)
– Points – if you want to set the reward points to purchase the appropriate option
– Weight – set the weight of the option
Special – You can offer a discount / discount / sale of selected product


– Client group – choice if you have several groups that apply discount
– Price – the amount of which will sell the product, for example, if its real price is 45 leva. and specify in the field “Price” 20,000 online stores will expunge 45 leva and it will be referred discounted price – BGN 20
– Date – the date of which is valid reduction / rebate – must be introduced today or earlier in order to appear reduction.
– End date – if you leave it blank field or zeros reduction will permanently display / valid. If you specify a date discount will automatically disappear for the product at the specified date.


You can add additional photos to the specified product from the button – “Add image”. You can add as judge pictures.
3. Product -> Options


Options are options that you can enter for your products. This may be the size, color, weight, weight, etc.
To create a new option press “Add” and enter values in the fields.


– Option name – Enter the name of the option (narp. – Weight, color, size)
– Type – type style option election – if for example. enter color and have 3 types of colors – black, brown and white then it is better to choose a selection, thus will appear drop-down menu with a list of preset colors.
– Red – arrangement over other options
– Option name – is asking different options from which to choose.
– Image – you can also set additional optional image that option.
– Button “Add Value” – it add as consider options.
Once you have finished adding options, press the button at the top right – “Save”
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